childrens dentistry cheyenne

    At your initial free consultation appointment, Braces Wyoming will examine you or your child and determine the orthodontic problems that are present that need to be treated. An initial set of photographs and a panoramic x-ray will be taken in order for Braces Wyoming to give an accurate treatment recommendation. She will review your jaw joints and associated muscles along with your bite relationship. She will also examine the relationship of your bite and teeth to your facial profile. Alignment of the teeth and your bite along with the balance of your facial profile provides a pleasing, smiling, functional bite relationship that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. A computer diagnostic program is used so that the information determined at your initial examination will be available for you by the end of your initial consultation appointment. This will provide you with a recorded determination of the treatment that is recommended for you or your child. Braces Wyoming will then answer any questions that you may have in relation to the treatment recommended and also review the different types of orthodontic appliances and treatment alternatives that are available to you to provide an orthodontic correction for your problem.

    Following the doctor’s examination, the insurance/financial assistant will visit with you to review the fees involved for the therapy and also, what insurance coverage you may have. A convenient payment plan will then be established so that treatment can be started in a timely manner. Braces Wyoming does not require a down payment to begin treatment. All records are computerized for your convenience and a statement can be printed out at any time during the treatment so that you can have a current record of your financial statement.

    Following the initial consultation, you will be requested to return for additional supporting diagnostic x-rays, models of your teeth, photographs, and any other specialized information that is needed in order to correct your orthodontic problem. Braces Wyoming will then review the diagnostic information and coordinate that with your initial examination to confirm their diagnosis and treatment plan for you. If necessary, a short consultation appointment is then held with Braces Wyoming and the appointments are made to place the braces or appliance.