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Cost of Braces

Dr. Braces Wyoming and our team at Braces Wyoming are dedicated to providing top of the line affordable orthodontic care throughout Cheyanne, Wyoming and its surrounding areas. We specialize in all types of orthodontic services including traditional braces, clear braces, as well as Invisalign.

How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces can vary depending on specific individual factors such as treatment time and where you live. Braces Wyoming accepts most major insurances which can cover a portion of the costs. If your insurance doesn’t cover this or you don’t have dental insurance, there is no need to worry. During your initial complimentary consultation, we will evaluate your specific needs to create a treatment plan that is right for you. Our financial assistant will review your insurance coverage and establish a convenient payment plan so that treatment can be started as soon as possible. We do not require down payments and assure that your payments will be manageable to fit your budget.

Braces vs. Invisalign
The most common type of braces are traditional metal braces. Although technology has made it so these stainless steel brackets can be smaller and less noticeable, they can still cause an unpleasing aesthetic in your social, personal, or professional life. Here at Braces Wyoming we believe everyone deserves a perfect smile without it affecting our self esteem in the process. To avoid these feelings in our patients we offer other options such as clear ceramic braces or Invisalign.

Our 3M Advanced Clarity clear braces are translucent and custom made to blend in with natural tooth color. They are stain resistant and will avoid discoloration throughout the treatment process.

Invisalign has become a very popular option in recent years. These clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible. They are made up of smooth plastic to avoid discomfort unlike metal brackets and wires. They can be removed to eat, brush your teeth, or clean, making it easy to eliminate any food getting stuck in your mouth appliance. Dr. Holwegener is a preferred Invisalign provider and continues to further her education in the newest technologies.

The average cost of braces and the average cost of Invisalign can be comparable in some cases, depending on specific factors. Schedule your free consultation with us to find out if Invisalign is the right choice of orthodontic treatment for you.

If you are located in Cheyanne or the surrounding Wyoming areas and in need of orthodontic care do not wait any longer! Contact us today to be one step closer to that smile you have always wanted. Call now (307) 638-8958.