Life with Braces: Food to Eat with Braces

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When you first get your orthodontic braces here at HBraces Wyoming  in Pine Bluffs, WY, you are probably going to experience some discomfort and/or soreness. It may also take some time to get adjusted to your new, affordable braces, but even then, you might not be ready to jump back into your normal eating routine as anything too hard or too crispy might be difficult to eat for a few days. Here are five of the best foods to eat with braces, clear braces, and/or Invisalign.

What’s a Great Food to Eat with Braces?

1. Yogurt. Looking for something quick and easy to have for breakfast or a snack on the go? Yogurt requires no chewing, and because there are literally hundreds of different types of yogurt, you are sure to be able to find one or many that you enjoy.

2. Mac and Cheese. Tip: boil the noodles for an extra minute so that they become extremely soft. Mac and cheese is a great choice of food to eat with braces. Some chewing is required, but this tip makes it manageable.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup. Chicken noodle soup is usually associated with cold winter days, or when one is sick, but it’s a go-to meal in the early stages of braces. Filled with protein, vitamins, and minerals, chicken noodle soup will also help your mouth heal. Live a little and soak bread or crackers in the broth until they too are easy to eat!

4. Zucchini Parmesan Crisps. Speaking of living a little, we here at Braces Wyoming in Pine Bluffs, WY, came across this tasty zucchini parmesan crisps recipe that won’t break your brackets!

food to eat with braces
5. Ice Cream. Whether you just got adult braces, or your child just saw a children’s orthodontist, ice cream is an ideal choice for new braces as it helps to numb the pain and relieve some of the inflammation that comes along with wearing braces. Bonus: getting to eat ice cream after getting your braces on is sort of like a reward for adults and children alike! You did something that might be a little difficult and a little scary, but you also get to have ice cream!

Let’s Talk Teeth!

If you’re interested in braces contact us here at Braces Wyoming in Pine Bluffs, WY to schedule a FREE braces consultation! And if you and/or your child already have braces and you know of any other foods to eat with braces during the first few days of new braces and/or adjusted braces, let us know!

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